We've photographed a lot of weddings over the years, and here are some top tips that you might want to consider! Have a read and hopefully this will help put your mind at ease and give you some ideas at the same time.


1. Consider a phone ban.

If you take in any advice in this list at all, let it be this one. Your guests mean well, but let's be honest. They tend to get not-so-great photos on their phones or tablets, and in the process, they can also mess up the professional ones! You can always ask for a moment during your ceremony/first dance/etc. to invite your guests forward to take photos after the professional ones have been taken. We've found this makes everyone happy: we get our photos, your guests get theirs, and no one is in each other's way! Everyone's a winner.


These aren't our images, but hopefully they demonstrate what we're talking about:



If you have any surprises planned during your celebration - for example, spontaneous singing waiters, or family members singing acoustic songs in another room - please let us know in advance so we can capture the moment and the surprise on everyone's faces. We can keep a secret, we promise!


3. Don't be afraid to tell us what you want.

We are there for you, so tell us what you want us to capture. If there is a specific relative, or a child, (or pet! We're a sucker for a dog in a neckerchief!) that you'd like us to pay particular attention to, then please let us know at your consultation so we can be prepared and deliver exactly what you'd like. (Similarly, if you'd just like us to document your day in a photojournalistic manor, that is fine too, just let us know.)


4. Photos don't have to take forever.

We've had couples in the past forego any group photos because they were concerned they'd take hours. The last thing we want to do is take up your entire day with formal photographs. You'd be surprised at how much we can get done in a short period of time. Usually 30 minutes at the most is enough to get group photos, then your guests can go and relax. If we are on a strict schedule, we will sometimes ask for a list of group shots, and nominate someone loud in the bridal party to help us get everyone together. If you don't want formal photos because you just don't fancy them, then that is perfectly valid too. We have a lot of couples who prefer a more natural approach, but sometimes the odd group photo is nice to have. It's entirely up to you, just don't let time constraints put you off.


5. Whatever the weather.

Night time? That's fine. Rain or shine? That's also fine!

We're lucky here, at Make Life Memorable Photography, we have a ton of experience in portable off-camera lighting, so if the weather isn't ideal we can always make something work. Not every photographer can offer this, but we are confident when we say we can get some amazing photographs no matter the weather!


6. Consider adding a video to your day

Hold up! we're not trying to sell you anything, don't worry. We're just going to share some feedback from couples we have worked with in the past. Photos are of course a wonderful way to remember your wedding day, but there's nothing quite like video to put you straight back in the moment. Couples love to share their highlight videos with friends and family, and have a beautiful overview of their day in just a few minutes. They go back and watch the videos again and again. 

Check out some examples on our portfolio page, and then check the prices - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Our videography is low key. There won't be a wall of cameras following your every move. We're efficient and like to keep out of your way as much as possible. That way we can capture the most genuine emotions.


7. Trust us and relax :)

Our goal, via our communications, pre-wedding shoots, and our consults, is always to make sure you are completely at ease. We will be prepared, we will know exactly where to be and when. We will have a ball of a time together. We want to be the one thing you never have to worry about on your wedding day.