Make Life Memorable Photography

Who are we?

Make Life Memorable Photography are Emily Lowrey and Martin Forrest. We’re Merseyside based but cover the whole UK and beyond.

We’ve both been wedding photographers for many years, but we decided to partner up in 2015 in a joint venture to offer something really special for our couples. We work both independently and together, depending on the size of the wedding at hand, but our editing and style is unified and consistent whether your wedding is massive or more intimate.

We affectionately call ourselves the Dream Team. Honestly, If we could wear capes to work we probably would. We love our jobs with all our hearts — there is no ‘going through the motions’ with us: we treat every wedding day as unique. Because it is!

Our partnership has also led us to expanding our offerings with videography in recent years, which has been loads of fun.

Beth Sean-255.jpg


That’s a word that will come up a lot, with us. We love couples who want their wedding day to be filled with laughter. We want giggles, and smiles, and genuine joy. Our couple photos reflect this. We once had a bride and groom have a golf cart race on the green. But we’re happy to let you decide how much or little time you want to devote to couple photos. We’re happy to go with the flow. Want some cute photos together in a few locations? Great! Want smoke bombs and sparklers? Sign us up! Want just a quick walk with us before getting on with the rest of your celebrations? That’s just fine too. Whatever you prefer.

We won’t be holding you hostage, lining you up for hours on end for photo after photo. The most important thing is that you both get to enjoy your day. We realise photography is only a small part of it, and we’re very efficient with our time with you. If that sounds like a good mix then we’d definitely be a good fit.

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That’s also a word in our tagline, and it’s not there for nothing. Let’s dive in to what it means…

We understand that not everyone is born to be in front of a camera. Some people love it, but some people… less so! And we’re here to tell you that’s perfectly fine. We want you both to be as relaxed with us as possible in order to get some lovely natural photographs. We do this, basically, by having a laugh. You may have gathered by now, there are no egos here. If it takes one of us saying or doing something a bit silly, then we’re more than fine with that!

To give you a rough idea, we might give you a prompt or two to break the ice (“whisper something filthy into her ear” or “let’s do that again but wiggle your bums a bit.”) to loosen you up. We know — it sounds bonkers! — but it really works. Honestly, you’ll be relaxed before you know it. And what happens when two people who have just got married relax and chill together? Amazing photos, that’s what happens.

Another aspect of being relaxed is communication. We have a consult with all our couples before the big day to go over everything. We want to go into your wedding prepared and both on the same page with everything.

So that’s why it’s one of our core values.

Fun + Relaxed = epic photos and memories to last a lifetime.

So thanks so much for reading this. We really appreciate your time. Now go check out our photos and videos and get in touch! We are Merseyside based but cover the entire UK and beyond. It’s just £100 to secure your date.

— Emily and Martin x